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If you are interested in purchasing a property - whether it be an off-the-plan promotion event, purchasing privately through your local Real Estate Agent or going to an auction, you should obtain legal advice before proceeding any further.


In some situations, you may want to sign the contract ASAP to avoid being "gazumped" in which case you will have a 5 business day "cooling off period". Seek legal advice within this cooling off period so that your Conveyancer can explain the contract and your obligations under it before committing to pay a full 10% deposit. If you are going to an auction, obtain the legal advice and negotiate any terms of the contract PRIOR to the auction day as a sale by auction is unconditional - the deposit will be required to be paid and there is little to no room for negotiation.

MyProperty Conveyancer can assist you in this process by providing you written advice on the contract, working with you to make sure the terms of the contract are fair and not detrimental to you. We can also ensure that the necessary disclosures have been attached to the contract and advise you on what extra costs may be incurred if terms of the contract are breached.

We aim to make this process easy for you and our promise is that you will be well informed the whole way through. To begin, click the button below and email a copy of the contract which you can obtain from the Real Estate Agent or seller.

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