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If you are thinking of selling a residential property, ensure that you seek legal advice prior to placing the property on the market. NSW laws governing sale and purchase of residential property require the seller or "Vendor" to have a contract prepared with prescribed disclosure documents. The contract needs to be ready and available at the office of the Real Estate Agent or home (if selling privately) of the Vendor.

MyProperty Conveyancer services for a Vendor include compiling and advising on the contract and making sure that all the necessary documents are attached to the contract so that you will not suffer penalties for not having the correct disclosures available. When your property is sold, we will then take you through the conveyancing transaction to "Completion" which may include discharging your loan.


We aim to make this process easy for you and our promise is that you will be well informed the whole way through. To get started, click the button below and attach a copy of your current council or water rates notice and a copy of your photo ID.

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